How we Train

We leverage the diverse skill set of our staff to create comprehensive training programs that allow us to upskill and train new hires across the company. With hundreds of videos and documents already created, and more being done every week, we are creating a powerful resource for practice growth.
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Our doctors are some of the leading experts in specialty eyecare. Amplify leverages the expertise of its doctors and staff to develop processes, trainings, and best practices across its locations. For example, we are working with Dr. Ikeda to replicate his success with litigation and personal injury patients across all our practices. Each of these patients generates $2,500 - $10,000, prepaid by the law firm that represents them.

Dr. Ikeda

FCOVD, Former president NORA, former president of OEPF

Dr. wolff

Former president of low vision AOA

Dr. mcbryar

FCOVD, Diplomate Vision ABO

dr. zurcher


dr. pinkhasov

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dr. garbus

FCOVD, Former President of Nora

dr. wernick



In addition to our courses we have topic specific discussion boards and resource sections as well as virtual meetups for doctors, therapists and technicians to upskill and add new services to their office.

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