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Our team of passionate entrepreneurs

are experienced in building optometry practices, as well as serving the medical and specialty optometry communities.

Prior to Amplify EyeCare being founded, the team took EyeCarePro through a significant transformation into one of the leading optometry growth and marketing companies.
Avner Engel
CEO & Director
In his role as vice president of EyeCarePro, Avner gained the trust of more than 1,800 practice owners and over 80 employees. The company experienced significant transformation in all aspects of the business, including creation of innovative practice growth strategies, development of new products and services, as well as leadership of its global workforce. Avner was recognised by Vision Monday as one of the leading innovators and experts in optometry practice management and growth. He has lectured thousands of doctors worldwide about how to optimise their practices and grow revenue through medical and specialty eye care. Avner has built strong relationships with thousands of doctors and leading Optometric groups. It is safe to say that no other Optometric leader has the experience of growing practices at scale like Avner. In his earlier years before dedicating himself to eye care, Avner Engel was CEO and founder of a successful manufacturing company that he exited.
Josh Kanter
With his years of experience in developing and implementing business strategies, Josh Kanter oversaw the strategic specialty accounts and business development at EyeCarePro. Josh spearheaded the growth initiatives of individual practices and is directly involved in accomplishing dedicated marketing strategies for some of the leading specialty practices in the US & Canada. He also does the same for large optometry groups and organisations. Among the most prominent are the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) and TreeHouse Eyes. Josh holds an MBA in Finance and served as the Director of Operations for two large non-profits before leading specialty practice growth at EyeCarePro. His work with specialty care and non-profits is not a coincidence; Josh has dedicated his career to making a significant positive impact.
Ilan Manoim
Ilan is a serial tech entrepreneur. He created several tech companies, including a successful exit. Ilan oversaw the development of one of the largest informational optometry websites, The Optometrists Network, where he also led the acquisition strategy and product development. When Ilan is not finding a software solution to a business problem, he can be found guiding others in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing. Ilan is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of digital marketing, having spent over a decade providing successful digital marketing and SEO strategies to hundreds of eye care practices in US and Canada. In addition to his vast experience, Ilan’s has a true passion for applying software to create scalable business value drivers. He will head the major emphasis on making business intelligence and software a core aspect of how we deliver value, savings, scalability, investments, and strategy.
Olivia (Landi) Amram
Operations Administrator
Olivia has over 15 years experience as an operations administrator. She also has a background in hospitality management which lends to her love for people, attention to detail and exemplary customer service.

Olivia is passionate about all things administrative and loves the challenges that go along with it. She has dedicated more than half of her professional career to setting up, executing and maintaining the core operations of several different companies ranging from Healthcare to real-estate. Before joining the Amplify EyeCare team she ran two companies in tandem based in Chicago, Illinois for 5 years. Olivia was the go to contact for both companies. She dealt directly with all vendors and customers. Olivia answered all calls and emails personally and took the time to get to know all her clients personally. She also handled all scheduling, hiring/firing, ordering and payroll for both companies. She can wear many hats and enjoys learning new things and keeping up with current events in the industry she works in.

She is ecstatic at the opportunity to be a part of Amplify EyeCare. She truly believes in their “vision” and is excited about the future.
Kelly Brooks
With 20+ years of expertise in HR and Operations, Kelly is a results-driven leader who delivers retention and motivation solutions to harness the full power of one of their most valuable assets – their people. Kelly is dedicated to creating robust company cultures that promote continuous business growth and cultivate customer loyalty by empowering and motivating employees to realise full potential. Prior to joining AEC, Kelly led the Human Resource function of both publicly traded and privately-owned healthcare organisations. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in business from the Uni. of Western Australia and has achieved the highly regarded HR designation of SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Kelly’s core belief is that HR professionals are learners who seek new ways to solve old problems, enablers who work to make others better, and value creators who help all stakeholders achieve the win.
Dr Tzvi Gottesman
After graduating with honours and extensive training from State Uni. of New York College of Optometry, Dr Gottesman began clinical optometric care in 2002. He opened Paediatric & Adult Eyecare in 2004 based out of his home office in New York. As the practice grew, it merged to form Wesley Eye Care Associates, which provides full-scope optometric care including Primary Care, Medical, Optical, Paediatrics and Contact Lens services. In recent years, Dr Gottesman has developed proficiency in emerging ophthalmic technologies and provides clinical application and product development guidance to multiple start-ups and companies. Dr Gottesman’s long-term goals as Chief Optometric Officer (COptO) of Amplify Eyecare are to integrate the multiple optometry practices across the organisation, cultivate a team atmosphere that allows each provider and practice to excel and contribute to the group, and elevate the optometric and technological competencies of Amplify Eyecare.
Refael Bassel
marketing Director
Refael has over ten years experience as a project manager and leading virtual cross functional teams. His passion is in motivating and training team members to reach their potential, while employing the latest tools and technologies to ensure effective virtual team management.
He has a love conveying complex ideas through art, design and video. And loves working with amazing designers to convey complex ideas online.
He is driven to use his talents to make a difference, and is passionate about using social media as a tool for changing the world.
A passionate digital marketer, Refael is always learning about the newest platforms, skills, and tools.
Margalit Katz
Staff Optometrist
Margalit Katz is a writer with experience writing in the nonprofit sector and feels blessed to have the opportunity to fuse both passions of optometry and writing here at Amplify EyeCare.
She is a graduate of Bar Ilan University’s School of Optometry and Vision Science and has experience working as a licensed optometrist for a number of years before starting to work at Amplify. She performed eye exams for patients of all ages and various backgrounds and enjoyed providing eye care to enrich each patient’s vision and quality of life. Margalit also worked as an optometrist in a clinic alongside an ophthalmologist. She has been mentored in the field of Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy by a veteran O.D. who also served as an optometrist in the American army.
It is a privilege to use the power of writing along with first hand optometry experience to empower, enhance, and educate regarding all aspects that the field of optometry has to offer.
Before Amplify EyeCare being founded, the team took EyeCarePro through a significant transformation into one of the leading optometry growth and marketing companies.

A few of their accomplishments in medical eye care include:
Leading the acquisition and overhaul of the largest vision therapy directory,
Directly managing growth for hundreds of Optometrists and their staff
Developing impactful growth initiatives for over 1800 Optometry practices
Managing marketing for industry groups such as:
International Academy Of Low Vision Specialists
TreeHouse Eyes
College of Vision Development, Canada
Vision Therapy Canada
American Academy of OrthoK & Myopia Control
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association
International Sports Vision Association

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