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Amplify EyeCare’s focus is on demonstrating that it can rapidly increase practice revenue before going to the next round of funding. After we demonstrate our growth, we will expand our growth-focused roll-up with a larger capital raise. This will allow rapid expansion before a targeted IPO on the ASX.
Our background in practice management and marketing has enabled us to maximize growth in a way that is not possible with a traditional private equity model. We grow our practices through marketing, management, and upskilling.


  • We have used our Google review tool to increase Google reviews at all locations by over 500%. As a result of the increase in Google reviews at our first location, direct calls from their Google listing increased from 84 to 119 per month.
  • A program was implemented to create daily videos of our doctors to be displayed on our website and across the internet. A patient who started Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation, a specialty service that generates $3,600 per patient, told us that he came to the office after watching the doctors videos on YouTube.
  • Amplify has compiled a library of marketing assets that can easily be implemented across new locations with minimal resources. Our marketing program includes a 300 page custom website, a comprehensive referral outreach program, and a high-impact digital advertising campaign.


Children and babies have different eye health needs than adults but they also need annual eye exams. Doctors can check for amblyopia, a condition that becomes irreversible once a child is older.
  • After identifying pricing disparities and opportunities, we have created company wide pricing for medical services.
  • In-house developed remote management software, ampup.cloud, is currently in full operation and is used to train and manage staff at each location.
  • In our first location, we improved patient flow by hiring additional staff and implementing process improvements that are projected to double the per patient revenue over the next four months.


  • Our Manhattan office has successfully added myopia management, a $2,000 revenue per patient specialty service. The first new patient was scheduled in January.
  • Our doctor in Los Angeles is working with our central staff and other offices to implement his program for specialty litigation based eyecare services with a minimum revenue per patient of $2,500. One law firm sent 30 patients to his office for this service last year.
  • In order to grow high revenue services we identified the need to train new hires as vision therapists. We have leveraged the expertise of our therapists to create a robust training program that allows us to fully train new therapists as we scale without taking up valuable doctor time.

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