10 time the doctor interaction is the key to 10 times doctor revenue

Our unique doctor salary & bonus structure ensures that the doctor is spending 45 minutes a day on our dashboard staying motivated to help their practice grow.

The Virtual Management Approach

By creating the infrastructure for virtual management we are able to have ten times the interaction with the doctors and the staff post sale, while increasing our operational efficiencies by leveraging automation and data collection. A key aspect of our model is the plug and play growth available by high revenue medical specialties, which in our experience is largely without competition, this is enhanced greatly by having a broader geographic presence.

This approach has major advantages that include:

  • Daily interaction with key stakeholders
  • Ongoing communication between senior management and individual practices
  • The ability to create a stronger brand across all acquired practices by facilitating working groups,
  • Training, and intra-office events
  • Allowing for “hiring from within” which creates more buy in by senior staff who have upward mobility in their career
  • A clearer understanding for senior leadership of the challenges and opportunities that are present in each practice
  • Increased deal flow by engaging doctors who “believe” in our brand and leadership
  • Increased marketing opportunities for high revenue niche medical services, with a larger population base to work with.
  • Increased deal flow as we expand by purchasing around existing practices.

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