2 Revenue Streams

When Amplify EyeCare was founded, it started out as a "rollup" so we could have management control and implement new growth programs.

Amplify Eyecare is still doing that but has increased income by adding branded and non-branded stores which are less capital intensive.
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In the past few months, Amplify EyeCare has acquired optometry practices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chattanooga. Our five doctors at these locations offer eye exams and glasses, as well as advanced medical and specialty eyecare. Our practices offer a range of innovative medical and specialized eyecare services, including: Vision Therapy, Neuro Optometric Rehab, Specialty Contact Lenses, Myopia Management, Dry Eye, Low Vision, Diabetic EyeCare, Surgery Co-Management, and Sports Vision Training.

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Revenue share

Recently, we added a practice under a new revenue share model. The practice has been onboarded, taking over full management and implementing growth initiatives, without the diluting effects of acquisition. Profits will be split 50/50 with Amplify, while the bulk of costs will be paid by practice accounts. By using this model, the doctor intends to increase his valuation and get purchased by Amplify at the next capital raise.

Why this is important:
We believe that the model we have chosen will allow us to grow more rapidly by providing an option to younger doctors who want to work with us but are hesitant to sell. In addition, Amplify is able to generate more revenue by leveraging its fixed costs and expertise.

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